Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

[Email dated 11.22.12]

Ok so we got to hear from ELDER HOLLAND!!!  It was awesome.  Between our companionship we all tried to guess who was going to come. My guess was President Uchtdorf, Elder Forward guessed President Eyring and Elder Belnap guessed Elder Holland.  We were all obviously excited that it was him and as you know he is my favorite speaker.  It started with some musical numbers from his grandchildren that were amazing, one of which was his 8 year old granddaughter and I don't understand how that little girl could sing like that but it was amazing.  Then Sister Holland spoke and just talked about her testimony of the Book of Mormon, her experience with that and said something along the lines of: When you know the truth of the Book of Mormon you will not be able to contain yourself and you will want to tell everyone that will be there to hear you.

first-vision-128369-tabletElder Holland then told us some of the things he was grateful for and these things are not like what you usually hear around the dinner table at Thanksgiving.  The big thing that he talked about for most of the time was that we take it for granted living in these last days and in this last dispensation.  We owe it to all of the saints that came before, we need to take this work to every corner of the earth and give that word to everyone.  He also bore powerful testimony of Joseph Smith.  Every promise, power and privilege that was given to the earth in all of the previous dispensations have been restored through Joseph Smith.  EVERYTHING that has ever been given to the children of God we now have available to us here and now.

That's about all I have to add but I love you guys. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Elder Peacock

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