Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We had a family weekend October 27-28 and Tyler spoke in church on October 28.


Many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa making the long drive from Utah, and the California relatives for arriving in force.  (Uncle Steve, note that Justin is actually wearing his original missionary Hair Tie.  Seriously!) And then there’s Tyler’s other family…more on them later.

And then there’s these guys…


Young Men and scout leaders, mentors, friends.  A good part of who Tyler is today is because of them.

Sometimes it happens that you meet people that are your friends forever and ever and you grow up together and share every major life event.  The Hoskins are THAT family.


While in Utah in the days prior to Tyler’s entry into the MTC (Missionary Training Center), we stopped in to see an old friend:


These boys have been friends since they were three years old.  Both families moved to Santa Clarita the same summer and lived around the corner from each other until a few years ago.  They shared similar interests and generally cracked each other up.  Brock will leave for his mission in Columbia in January, so they’ll still live around the corner from each other!

And then there’s the Peacock cousins.  Peabiddies.  Piles o’ them.


The night before Tyler entered the MTC was election night…


(The adults huddled around the computer with looks of concern as it begins to become clear our guy is not going to pull it out.  With his usual impeccable timing, Tyler decides to photobomb.)


Hugs from the aunties, uncles, grandpa and grandma.  We missed our Idaho kin!  Tyler is one lucky young man to be surrounded by so many who love him and who will sustain him with their prayers over the next two years of his life.

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