Friday, December 7, 2012

1 Month!

Hey, so before I forget again, Elder Egolf (in my district) would like the recipe for those s’more bars so his mom can make him some and be as cool as you. [I will post the recipe so YOU TOO can be cool!] Also, I know you [mom] wrote out your conversion story that you sent to Justin on his mission,  I was wondering if you'd send that to me? 


This week was another good one, the whole MTC thing is starting to blend together so hopefully I'll be able to keep this week straight and tell you something that I haven't already told you. Still no word on visas but I did run into Elder Johnson (Kodey) [from our Stake] and talked to him for a little bit and his visa just came and he had put in his paperwork in the beginning of August so I think that means that ours could be close to coming in, however Elder Belnap has had to sign the power of attorney thing at least 3 times and once last week so we'll see if his comes later or what that really means.  But every time we hear the loud speakers we are all silent and listen up because 5 elders in our district are all waiting on visas to Peru and they call you over the loud speaker when it comes. [kind of surreal…] So that could be coming soon and when it does I'll leave the beginning of that next week so it'll be short notice.


Elder Belnap got a package for Christmas and on top of all of the wrapped stuff (which of course he hasn't opened yet), he had a Peruvian flag.  Not as big as Justin's but still a pretty big one.  There's a llama on it.  Did you know they eat alpaca steaks in Peru? Apparently, they're delicious.  Speaking of food, I think I'm ready for whatever they have in Peru because I'm already tired of the same 10 things that I get at the cafeteria especially because I've been eating them for the past year as well.  Also tell Mitchel I eat at 12 and 5 behind the salad bar so if he ever is around he should come and eat with me because I heard he got a job teaching at the MTC.


I got released as District Leader this week, which doesn't change that much but now I don't feel quite as responsible for trying to keep all 11 of us focused during study time--let's just say that with a district of 11, it's pretty difficult to keep them on task.  We got another district of 11 in our zone yesterday.  Every time I see the new missionaries, I just wonder if I looked that lost, scared, confused, amazed, puzzled, and at times in pain.  But apparently, there was a time when that was me [ummm, like a month ago!] and I am going to assume that will be me again when I get to Peru or reassigned somewhere but I like to think that's not me. But some of them have never spoken a word of Spanish before so of course, any Spanish scares the daylights out of them, which is always very fun.  To think at one point I was like them, Back in the day….  Spanish is coming along though, we actually will finish all of the Spanish in 6 weeks and the rest of the time is review because we're kind of on the pilot program for the influx of missionaries and the shortened MTC stays so the last 3 weeks would be review, if we're here.

I'm about halfway through Jesus the Christ [download a FREE copy HERE or HERE] at the moment. It really is an awesome book, a lot of it is very deep but I'm really enjoying reading that.  I'm also reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  You know that story, I think from Elder Oaks where he said that a man was shot but had a Book of Mormon on his chest and it saved him because the bullet stopped at the Isaiah chapters? well yeah, I was understanding everything pretty well until the Isaiah chapters, I don't understand half of the stuff in English, so I'm not sure how I could understand it in Spanish.  Oh and one last thing, Elder Evans of the Seventy gave the Devotional on Tuesday and he served a mission in Japan and struggled to learn the language,  A guy on the street was talking to his dog (in Japanese of course) and the dog would obey the man.  Elder Evans' companion turned to him and said "Hey! if that dog can learn Japanese then so can you!"  probably funnier in person but I thought it applied.


[A comment from the mother:  Note the Apostle Hair thing starting to happen here…I believe I see a part in his hair.  He hasn’t had a part in his hair since he was 2 years old.  A part is always difficult because he has the thickest hair confounded by a very determined front cowlick and a back of the head whorl that works in opposition to the cowlick.  I guess all things are possible on a mission.]

Umm...I think that's about all I have for you, like I said, the MTC is all starting to blur together and I'm not entirely sure what happened the first week or what happened the last week.  I'm still loving it and I still hope that I get to Peru sooner rather than later.  I love you all and I really appreciate all of the mail that I get.


Elder Peacock

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