Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everyone Speaks Spanish Here!

Hey everyone!

So they are very strict about the 30 minutes here that I have in the computer, so all of the emails that I got this week were kinda just glanced over and I got bits and pieces so that I'd have time to write you.  I may have missed something you wanted me to see so if you have important things next week, just make sure to bold them at the beginning so I don't miss them.

I love it here. First of all, the weather is always beautiful and It's never too hot or too cold. It's the best.  Everything is a little more relaxed than in Provo because there's way fewer people and it's just a different environment.  Don't worry, I'm still working hard.  They challenge us to read the Book of Mormon while we're here and I decided to take them up on it, in Spanish.  I'm already 200 pages into it!  Reading it quickly (even in Spanish) helps me get so much more of the story out of it and kind of see the context of how everything effects it. 

Also, the food is awesome here.  It's usually a soup with rice potatoes or noodles some kind of meat, a side dish and a dessert.  It's pretty much all good, except for the fruit salad that they put mayo on...that was surprising.  But they always have rolls that we can have.  Best bread ever.  Why don't we have such good bread in America?  But yeah, it's all good food and I have yet to get sick, they said that everyone get's sick in the first week but I'm still good.

So the daily schedule is about the same except, the teachers are more likely to forget about class (they've missed a few of our classes already).  On Saturday, we did get to go out proselyting.  The idea was that we were going to be teaching members that had not been to church for a while.  We were assigned to one, but the one that we were given was sick.  So we, Elder Tonconio and I, went around and contacted people in the street.  We taught a few lessons in the street, gave out a few Books of Mormon and some pamphlets.  Elder Tonconio was my native comp for the day that I got for proselyting, he's from Lima and the only member in his family.  He will be serving his mission in Mexico.  He was really cool and it was great working with him.  I also realized how much I still have to learn and practice Spanish.  There were these 2 women we were talking to in the street and I had kind of lost track of the conversation until I caught ¨muchas mujeres¨and then I realized she was calling us polygamists and wasn't going to listen to anything else...Until that point. I had thought it was going well because she seemed very happy!  Good thing I didn't decided to jump into that one...but really I think my Spanish is going well, I caught a lot of what was being said and I think what I was saying was making sense. It was fun though.

Today we got to go to the temple and go to the store and shop around.  Got some Inca Kola and almost got a Fruit Cake.  They had thousands of fruit cakes in that store. I can't believe they could sell that many.  But getting there and back takes about 5 to 15 minutes by bus.  those buses are made for much much shorter people. I could not stand up straight...But we were also pretty packed in there...not much room to move, but it was fun. 

Oh, also my companion Elder Urmston is from Bakersfield. He's hilarious and awesome.  Not sure what else to tell you about him. 

I'm about out of time. Love you guys!!

Elder Peacock

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