Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We were able to talk to Tyler yesterday on his way to Peru.  He started at 6am Utah time and flew from Salt Lake City to Dallas, from Dallas to Miami and Miami to Lima.  He eventually arrived in Peru at 10:05pm Peru time.  Our family of five conference called while he was in Miami, about lunch time in California.

The trickiest part for him was finding payphones.  So it was loud and chaotic, but we loved it!

Our Christmas package for Tyler arrived in Provo on Friday.  He said he was able to pack almost all of it and his suitcases were 50 and 49.5 lbs.—perfect!

He said he got about 45 minutes of sleep the night before between preparations, excitement and having to be up by 2am to get to his plane.  But, he’s not complaining.  One of the other missionaries was awakened at 3:30am and told that his Visa had come through.  If he could be ready in half an hour then he could make the plane.  His roommates packed him up while he showered and he made it just as the plane doors were closing!

LDS Missionary Training Center Peru

We expect Tyler will spend his next few weeks in the Peru Missionary Training Center (MTC).  It is very close to (same property? across the street?) the Lima Peru temple, which the missionaries get to attend. 

We have heard that he cannot receive packages while there, so those should just go to the mission home to await him.  See the sidebar for mailing addresses.

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