Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My First Day in Peru

[letter dated 12.11.12]

Hey, so this is my first day in Peru.  This letter might not make it to you by Christmas.  Weird.  You’d think that being 2 weeks in advance would be prepared enough.  So, seeing as you’ll probably get 2 emails, maybe 3 by the time this gets there, I won’t bother writing too much.  This MTC seems like it will be much different from Provo.  Like not even close. 

I was able to pack the presents you sent and will be opening them Christmas morning.  I’m excited! [He shouldn’t be too excited… I sent things I thought he’d be ditching in Provo…] Also, I may have found one of the ugliest ties ever.  It’s in the running for sure.  I got it out of the “free” box just before I left Provo.  Why would someone throw THAT out?  I can’t even describe it though.  I’m gonna need Coleman’s [Tyler’s next oldest cousin on a mission in Alabama] tie though.  Tell him I’m waiting!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!  I love you guys!

Elder Peacock

Note:  it only took 6 days for this to reach us!!

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