Saturday, December 8, 2012


So I (Lisa) am driving around doing errands yesterday when I receive a phonecall:

“Hey, Mom”

“Hey!” (I’m thinking it’s Bryce, telling me he’s ready to be picked up)

“It’s Tyler…” (Next stream of thoughts:  My son had to identify himself!  Insert GUILT here. Wait! Why is he calling me?  What’s wrong?)

Nothing wrong, he just got called out of class and his Visa has arrived!  He leaves for Peru early (early!) Monday morning with several others (but not Elder Belnap, unfortunately).  Yes, he found out Friday afternoon and leaves in 2 days.  Suddenly, I’m not ready.  AND.  His Christmas box just arrived that day.  I guess Elder Belnap will inherit a lot of that stuff to console him!

He’ll get to call us again when he’s in transit on Monday—can’t wait!

Christmas in Peru for Elder Peacock!

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